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(NEW) Crusin Audio Westfalia Club - Summary of what the club is all about. It's for westfalia owners to gather and enjoy the great outdoors camping as a volkwagen community. Share stories, information, get to know one another, etc.

Location is at Buck Creek or also known as Ranger Creek 28 to 30 miles east of Enumclaw on HWY 410. Gathering will be held on Memorial and Labor Day weekend and maybe other holidays if people request for it. To be part of the club you will need to purchase a window sticker for $5.00 and that will get you a lifetime membership. The sticker is recommended but not required. The picture below shows what the sticker looks like and is about 4 1/2" in diameter.

Where the group will gather is on the dirt road in the trees next to the air strip where the two outhouses are. There are no city hookups for electricity or water.

There are trails to hike, a river to enjoy, or relaxing and enjoying nature. Plenty of areas to go bike riding or bring your own games and fun.

This is important you checkout the link to see info, directions and Northwest recreation pass/fees. They now have envelopes and drop box at the camp ground it's self. It is located at the end of the runway at the sign next to bathrooms.

Heres a link that has more details and info about Buck Creek/Ranger Creek. Scroll down the page after you click the link and are there until you see Ranger Creek/Buck Creek.

Payment types - (Mail order) - Money order (Stop by the shop) - cash

If you would like a sticker please mail a payment of $5.00 with your info where I need to send the sticker. Or stop by to pick one up.

If you need more info you can email or call me.

A new club special coming soon! Check back at a later date.

Registration is Free!
Use the form to register that you are going to be at the Ranger Creek Camp Ground on Memorial and/or Labor Day Weekend for the Crusin Audio Westfalia Club gathering. This will help me know how many people are to be expected and available camp sites are needed. If I don't get any registrations then I know not to show or reserve spots. I will have the club sticker out their if you would like to purchase one.

First name:
Last name:
Email address:
How Many Occupants
Year & Style of Vehicle:
Camping Outings:


If you would like one of our free bus/westfalia custom made parts & more catalog go to our request form page and fill in the necessary information so I can mail you a catalog.

VW Bus/Westfalia info, parts, service.
New service added!
Custom camper conversion:
If you have a standard type 2 version passenger bus and would like it converted to a camper bus, or if you need your existing camper layout changed you have come to the right place. Custom layouts to fit your style of camping, from partial to full conversions. Even includes cutting out the roof for the popup top with canvas.
Labor Rates only, parts are not included in prices unless specified.
Pop top replacement
Vanagon body style
Staple version $400 to $430
Screw version $250 to $280
Type 2 bus style
Staple version $400 to $430
More rates to come soon!


Custom Made Parts

All custom made parts are not in stock unless specified. They will be built as orders and payments are received. Payment must be in full for all custom made parts.

Custom made side step for slider door using oem jack mounts. Quick release pins so it can be removed quickly for when you have a flat tire.
Part# step6150 Price $150 to $175
Pictures of one of the versions of the side step are toward the bottom of this page. The one shown below is priced at $150 comes with the black traction tape and quick release pins. Two holes will have to be drilled for any version of my side steps.
Side steps are built to order! Your custom style are welcome.

Custom made stove grease guard. Pic of guard toward the bottom of this page and in my picture gallery at the link at the bottom of this page. There are two version available, first is the basic guard. The second version is like the basic but has a single or dual fan exhaust system that exits the mess out the drivers side window.
Part# guardbasic Price $50
Part# guarddeluxe Price $100

Pictures toward the bottom of this page. Custom fiberglass gauge pod that sits on top of the dash. Designed to be located to the far left of the dash for clear view of the status of what's going on. Available in 2, 3, 4 gauge configurations. Pod will be painted with flat black paint and have a angled back to it. Please specify the hole cut out and dimensions of the gauges you will be using before ordering.

Part# gpod2 Price $80
Part# gpod3 Price $120
Part# gpod4 Price $160

Custom made front door angled pockets. Covering will be carpet, or vinyl. Vinyl colors available. Brown, black, Green.
Carpet color (Let us know what color you need). Or can be left blank if you would prefer to paint them.
Part# poc8575 Price $60 each (wood version)
Part# poc8576 Price $120 each (fiberglass version)
Pockets are built to order!

They will come with a template, hardware and instructions on how to install.
Very clean install no brackets will be visable on the outside of the pocket.

Custom made storage/camping stool. It's going to be very similar to the oem. There will be two version's available, one for the years 1974-1976 and the other version for the years Aug 1976-1979. The stool will not include the trash can that usually comes with the oem stool. There will be about three to four different fabrics to match your interiors scheme.

Part# 1151425stool
Price $150 each plus s&h

Please allow one to two weeks to build and delivery. The stools are built to order.
Camping Stool (specify year of vehicle, fabric color when ordering)

Door pocket (when ordering specify color of covering)





Above are the pics of the camping stool. As you can see very similar to the oem stool. The overall dimensions are the same to the oem stool. The exterior and hardware is a bit different.  I'm using a collapsible garbage can in my van that can be picked up from GI-Joes or camping outfit. The trash can fits perfect in the taller version but not the shorter stool.  It comes with the clamps to mount to the bus and complete with Installation instructions.



These are pics of the fiberglass pocket painted and mounted. Look how nice they look, better than some of the other pockets on the market for buses. The pockets come with the choice of paint, vinyl, or carpet for the covering.  Prices and info is described above for this piece. Also available is a version out of wood which looks identical to the fiberglass piece. They will come with small bolts and washers to attach it to the door panel. The inner part of the pocket will be lined with black carpet to dead'n the sound of small objects rolling around. It will also protect your hand from getting scratched up.  If you need to view bigger pics, I will gladly email you them.


Here's the picture of the basic grease guard with a light added to it. This allows cooking easier when it is dark. The light is not included with the basic grease guard.




Here's pictures of the three gauge pod to show how it looks. I have a volt meter and soon will be putting in the head temp and oil temp gauges to monitor the engine.

Picture of one of the styles of a custom side step

Another shot of the side step




New pictures added on page 3 and 4
Pic's of my westfalia and what I've done to it.
Click the link below to view pictures. New pictures are added often so check back to see updates.

Click the link to view pictures Picture Gallery


Latest update on the cabinet. Cabinet out of a 1969 westy, depth shortened and sink removed. I put a new top on and waiting for laminate. Im trying to find the right sheet of woodgrain laminate so I can finish it and put new t-molding around the edge.

I do a lot of camping where there is no hookups to utilize the stock refridgerator. So I use two blocks of ice to keep my food very cold and plus it has more room in this unit. Two blocks of ice lasts me about a week of normal use of being in and out of the ice box. The cabinet can be removed from the vehicle in two minutes or less and put on the ground next to the passenger door. I also show in the picture my coleman stove with my baking oven. I can bake while Im still cooking on the stove inside my westy. We like cooking chili and bake cornbread in my oven when we are out camping.


Here's the cabinet finished with laminate and the T-molding. I couldn't find the right colored woodgrain formica that I wanted so I used a light blue with white tint.

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