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Ordering information

Once you get a total from me on your order/service follow the directions below.
For local sales on product if not in stock I require as least 50- 75% down on product $200 and under. Product over $200 I require at least 75% down. Balance due on pickup. If your in the area I accept cash,  money order for payment. For installation full amount due on completion of job.
For online ordering non local sales on product full amount due before product is shipped. I accept money orders, for payment.  If you are going to mail your payment send it to the information on our contact page. Here's a purchase order form to download so you can fill it in and mail with your payment. You will need Word 97 or higher to view it. You can also download the form, fill it in and fax it to 425-837-0140. Precall or email us to let us know you are going to send a fax.   Make money order payable to: Alan Chopay
Couple of  ways to download the form. One is to right click and save file to a certain location to be filled in then printed. Two is to click on the file and a new window will show with the form, fill it in and then save it to a desired location. Form will then be ready to be printed so you can mail or fax the form back to us.

Click here to download or view purchase order!

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